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Trendy-doors are dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent service while prioritizing customer satisfaction is commendable. Building and growing businesses within the welcoming West Coast environment demonstrates a strong connection to the local community.

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At Trendy doors we take pride in offering pre-finished doors in a modern European style that align with the discerning preferences of local customers in Dallas. The commitment to ensuring high-quality standards and customer satisfaction through guarantees and excellent service reflects the company's dedication to building strong customer relationships.

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At Trendy Doors, we take pride in offering a wide range of door finishes to cater to various tastes and preferences. Our commitment to using the best available materials ensures that our finishes are technologically advanced and of the highest quality. Let me introduce you to the three types of finishes we provide:

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European Style Doors

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    Our goal has consistently been to deliver professional service and provide our customers with the finest products available.

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    The door serves as our initial point of contact upon entering a room, setting the tone for the overall atmosphere, style, and cohesion of the entire living space.

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    We strive to promote the sustainable well-being of the communities in which we operate by consistently upholding professionalism and responsibility in our business practices.

Our doors are made from premium materials and are available in enamel and polypropylene (PP) finishes. We provide the option to request finish samples. Our inventory primarily consists of pre-finished interior doors, featuring durable construction and innovative finishes. One particularly appealing choice is a coating that mimics concrete plaster, perfect for contemporary interiors. Additionally, we offer more traditional veneers that replicate classic gray-brown oak with beautiful wood grain, delicate light ash tree, and various other finishing options. Furthermore, we have doors with enamel finish, each coated with 7 layers of high-quality enamel. Our modern doors combine the allure of natural wood with environmentally friendly characteristics. Their elegant minimalist design complements modern homes seamlessly. However, fully hollow doors are not currently available in our stock; instead, most doors have a solid core, while some feature an innovative honeycomb filling made of recycled wood and pulp arranged in a honeycomb pattern. Another distinct characteristic of our European doors is the inclusion of jambs in the same color and finish as the slab, providing a chic aesthetic and additional interior benefits. Moreover, our advanced Italian hardware ensures smooth operation and maintains the door's aesthetics and performance. Alongside traditional hinges, we also offer modern concealed hinges that remain invisible when the door is closed. Our standard pricing options encompass these exceptional features, offering you high-quality doors at an incredible value.

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